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225; I just met you and this is crazy. [25 Jun 2012|09:18pm]
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The immaturity of older women astounds me. Mind you, my Hispanic coworkers are all in their 40s (except for Yessica, she's only 21).

This morning Hilda (supervisor) asked us to go to the line in the back of the warehouse where things are done a little differently. We went and she told Magaly to start the line from the end, pushing boxes from left to right. We did but we quickly noticed that scanners weren't going in order -- normally when we pick/pack things are supposed to be laid out in the order it comes up on the scanner to help speed up production -- and we were skipping a lot. I noticed that the scanners were going in an order, just not the order we were in.

We were set up 149 - 157 - 156 - 151 - 150 - 147 - 146 - 170
Scanner set up 170 - 146 - 147 - 150 - 151 - 156 - 157 - 149

I realized that we were, in fact, reversed. So did other coworkers. Julia tried to get everyone to start sending the cartons right to left instead because it made more sense. We mostly agreed, but Magaly was being stubborn; she said that she was supposed to start the line and that the boxes needed to keep going left to right because Hilda said so and if we had to skip around so be it, who were we to question the higher ups, etc. Julia then suggested that we ask Hilda or Allen what they thought about this.

Allen showed up and we told him what was going on and he agreed with those of us who wanted to reverse the flow because we'd go faster that way. Magaly got really mad about it (for some reason) and directed all her rage at Julia because she perceived it to be about her getting her way and not about it actually being fucking logical. She remained angry and working for about 15 minutes but eventually she just left and Hilda had her relocated to another task (thereby leaving Sherry to pick up Magaly's style).

For the entire rest of the day, Magaly avoided Julia and anyone Julia was with and she told me that she was only mad at Julia. I asked her if she thought they'd eventually mend things and she replied that she didn't want to.

Like why would you stop being friends with someone over something like this? And I'd like to add that yes, Julia is really fucking stubborn and irritating sometimes but she isn't a bad worker or a bad person. And she certainly doesn't have bad intentions. She's just hardheaded and thinks her way is the best way in all situations. I mean later in the afternoon we were cleaning up extra pieces and I was just going to use any box and write the style number on it with a marker but she insisted that we search through all of the broken-down boxes for one that matched the style we were putting away. I felt it would be a waste of time since it didn't matter anyway but she kept insisting so I appeased her and did it, while thinking 'little things like this are why Magaly gets mad at you.'

Recently Julia and Magaly and I worked on a Sears order and yeah Julia had some ridiculous quirks. We were each in charge of a certain size (there was only one style) and I had 4T, Julia had 2T and Magaly had 3T but she wouldn't let us go out of order. It always had to be her fist, then Magaly then me. So yeah she has some OCPD or something going on there, but it's not something to throw away a friendship over, you know?

I really hope Magaly is just severely PMSing and will get over her shit soon. I don't need this kind of stress at my already-stressful job.

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MAIL BAG; [09 Aug 2008|02:47pm]
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axel's mail bag

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000; FRIENDS ONLY && RULES [01 Feb 2008|12:41am]
friends only
comment to be c o n s i d e r e d.

& You probably know who I am. )
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026; Now find your way around. [24 Jan 2008|02:13am]
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